We aren’t saying we have all the answers to these question but we can help. Of course treating mental illness is a serious business best left to properly accredited health professionals and we urge veterans to seek help from their doctor or health provider. Likewise, those of you who belong to a faith community you should reach out to those faith leaders who support you – that’s what they are there for!

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We’ve prepared two workshops that might help you. Wounded Spirit – Veterans and Supporters is a practical and tactical workshop that addresses some of the common faith and belief issues that veterans and their families face. Wounded Spirit – Faith First Aid Workshop has been specifically designed to help professional spiritual leaders to work with veterans.

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The question we posed above we’ve thought about and added a section called FAQ for you. We’ve also included a series of papers, articles and stories for you in our Spiritual First Aid section that might help



Finding the right approach to answering these questions can be difficult if you don’t already come from a faith or spiritual background or experience. We’ve included some useful links that might help you