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When an ADF member leaves Defence they enter a ‘spiritual grey zone’. Arguably the generally low levels of religious affiliation and practice with Australia mean that they probably came from this prior to enlistment but when they enter Defence they join an organisation with a well-defined (albeit voluntary – despite what the RSM says!) spiritual structure. When they re-enter the civilian community many veterans will be ill-equipped to address any potential spiritual issues that they have as a result of defence service.

So any ex, Reserve or serving Padres out there please contact us! We’d love to establish a Wounded Spirit Network of Padres who can help veterans find a new spiritual home. The idea is that as veterans contact us seeking help or trying to find a faith community we can point them in the direction of someone who comes from their faith and service background.

Of course the personal details of any Padres who join the network will be protected and you will only ever be contacted if you give permission.


Spiritual Wounds

Wounded Spirit was awarded a grant to work with Army to develop an understanding of "The causes, symptoms and treatment of spiritual wounds suffered by Australian Army personnel.". This is groundbreaking research project and will be the first time this topic has been looked at in an Australian context.
The results of this project will help design approaches to spiritual preparation and recovery for Army personnel.

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We need your help!

For the strongest possible research to inform the best possible outcome we need as many current and former Army personnel to share there experiences of who spiritual wounds from Army service have affected them.

To contribute to this important mission please contact directly to get a participant's information pack.

This is your chance to help your mates who are serving and who will serve!