Things you can do now for yourself or a loved one

  • Ask for help! Nothing wrong with that. Many of us grew up in a culture where you were discouraged for ‘reporting sick’ especially for something like a mental illness. At Wounded Spirit we are working to remove this stigma.

  • Pray early and often – don’t know how to pray?- Veterans and Veterans Supporters Prayers

  • Seek medical help

  • Talk with your family

  • Contact the Wounded Spirit Network




Lord, though my time in uniform may be passed, I remain under your orders.

I remain in the service of you, my country and my family.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve again

Help me Lord to fulfil this service, lead me, show me, guide me shield me

I wear the memories of the things I have seen and done along with my medals. Lord, some of these memories are too heavy

Forgive me for my sins and train me for my life’s new mission

Equip me to survive what lays ahead

Bring me through the battles I face now and those to come

Bring me home safely

Civilian at prayer - Copy - Copy.JPG


Lord, thank you for bringing my partner/name back safely to me
Please help me now to bring them home.
Let them know that we are proud of them and are grateful for their service
We can never understand all of what they saw and did but our love for them is only stronger
Guide us, show us and teach us how to love them and heal them