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Faith Leaders Workshop

On 24 October

Wounded Spirit will be conducting a Faith Leaders Workshop at the Presbyterian Church of St Andrew in Forrest in the ACT. Wounded Spirit – Faith Leaders has been specifically designed to help professional faith leaders (to us this means Lay or Ordained Ministers, Pastors, Priests, Imams Rabbis etc– anyone who leads a faith group) to work with veterans. The workshop is not about theology or religious practice. Rather, the focus of the workshop is to help faith leaders understand the context and culture that veterans come from so that they can better help these wounded spirits.

The subjects we cover are:

  • What is a Veteran?

  • Recent ADF Deployments

  • Causes and Symptoms of Spiritual Wounds

  • Evolving Veterans Spiritual Heath Model

  • Defence Culture and Veteran’s Spirituality

  • Exploring Ministry Approaches to Veteran’s Spirituality

The workshop is at no cost (for faith leaders) and meals are provided. Please visit for more details and contact