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Digger Smith

Digger Smith by C.J. Dennis

This excerpt from C.J. Dennis famous poem “Digger Smith” sums up the feelings of the veteran returning after the Great War. It's also just as relevant for the veterans returning after Korea. Vietnam, Cambodia. Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan ...

We're sittin' talkin' by the fence, The sun's jist going' down, Paintin' the sky all gold an' pink. Said 'e, "When it's like that, I think --" An' then 'e stops to frown. Said 'e, "I think, when it's jist so, Uv ... God or somethin': I dunno. "I ain't seen much uv God," said 'e; "Not here nor Over There; But, partly wot I've seen an' read, An' partly wot the padre said, It gits me when I stare Out West when it's like that is now. There must be somethin' else -- some'ow.