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Mission 01/2019 O Group

Mission 01/2019 O Group

The problem with New Year's Resolutions is that they are very vague. Things like “This year I’ll lose weight/get a better job/ save money/get fit and so on (had all of those btw). A mission”, as we’ve been discussing in a much more specific thing. With a laser like focus it locks onto specific activity that has defined goals and parameters. It is also something that is achievable. We are never given a mission that is beyond our skills, resources or abilities. That doesn’t mean it won’t be hard though but it will be something you can do.

Veteran! Stand fast! What is your mission for 2019? As we move into the New Year, you are to spend a few moments in an appreciation to determine your mission for 2019. Remember a mission is always a very simple statement with one key focus. It should never have the word ‘and’ as two or three focal points in a mission means it will fail. Forget about a New Year’s Resolution(s), they don’t work. What is your mission this year veteran? State it, call it out now and reply to this post with it and then we can monitor it together.