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My 2019 Mission

Dozens of you have now come forward with your 2019 Mission. Thank you for sharing them with the group and with me. This is an important thing to do because as we move into 2019, we need a plan otherwise ‘things happen to us and not with us or because of us’. That’s a really important distinction I want you to remember.

So, what’s my 2019 Mission? As you know I am the CSO of a charity called Wounded Spirit. Wounded Spirit works with Australian Defence Force veterans whose Defence service may have led to mental health issues with a spiritual or faith basis. We are an interfaith, non-denominational and ecumenical group that is not aligned to any particular religion or faith. You can find out more about Wounded Spirit at and

My mission for 2019 is to “launch wounded spirit nationally”. By December 2019 I will have launched Wounded Spirit into the national veteran’s space through a series of planned and structures workshops, presentations and interventions.

I’ll check in with you regularly on how my mission is going and I look forward to continue hearing yours!