Wounded Spirit – Veterans Faith First Aid Workshops has been specifically designed to help professional spiritual leaders to work with veterans. 

Throughout 2020 Wounded Spirit will be conducting a national series of Veterans Faith First Aid Workshops across Australia. The whole focus of these workshop is to help anyone who wants to work more effectively with veterans within their communities on issues of faith and spirituality. This is not just for Priests, Pastors and Lay Workers and so on but all types of health professionals, family members, friends and in fact anyone who wants to understand how help veterans manage issues of faith. Many Veterans have issues of faith and spirituality as a result of their which are influencing their mental health and overall general well-being. This is an important although as yet, not a widely discussed or understood issue. These workshops are not about religion, theology or dogma but rather, the tactical and practical knowledge faith leaders need to understand about veterans in order for them to be more effective in their support.

The tour has been made possible by a grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs and we work closely with the Department of Defence and a number of national faith organisations and groups across Australia.

  • What is a Veteran?

  • Recent ADF Deployments

  • Causes and Symptoms of Spiritual Wounds

  • Evolving Veterans Spiritual Heath Model

  • Defence Culture and Veteran’s Spirituality

  • Exploring Ministry Approaches to Veteran’s Spirituality


Please contact murray.davies@woundedpspirit.org for more details!


Wounded Spirit – Veterans and Supporters is a practical and tactical workshop that addresses some of the common faith and belief issues that veterans and their families face.


Some of the key issues we deal with are:

  • Why was I there?

  • Spiritual Wounds

  • Why did God....?

  • Healing a spiritual wound

If you’d like to know more about this workshop please contact us!